Is It Just Me?

I don’t know if it is just me,
Or your smile.
That every time you do it,
I freeze for split second,
My heart skip a beat.

I don’t know if it is just me,
Or your laugh.
That every time I hear it,
It serves as music to my ears.
I enjoy every sound, every melody.

I don’t know if it is just me,
Or your presence.
That every time I see you,
My lips uncontrollably smile,
And frown to your absence.

I don’t know if it is just me,
Or your provincial accent.
That every words you speak,
I find it adorable.
I admire you more.

I don’t know….
I just don’t know!
I think I know.
But I’m still thinking,
Is it just me?


SentiSabado: Ms. Fan Girl


“Sa Pagsara Ng Kurtina”

A hopeful part of me suddenly has just died
After knowing that everything
That is beautiful in my eyes
has to end.
Like the sentence that needs to end with a period.
Like the sunrise that needs to set.
Like the day with a night.
Like everything that is whole needs to be broken.
Like every conversation needs to end with a goodnight.
Like every doors needs to be shut.
Like every flower that blooms needs to dry.
Like every youth needs to age.
Like every new needs to get old.
Like every blue sky needs to turn itself to gray to rain.
Like every love story needs to be a happy ending.
Like every love story has its own forever.
Like every pain that needs to be healed.
Nothing but hope.
Nothings but love.
Nothing but happiness.
Nothing but beauty-just BEAUTY.

Like everyday you shut down your computer.
Leave your fingerprints on your keyboard.
Leave your mess on your table.
Leave everything on its place.
And leave everything behind.

Like friends before that are now strangers.
Like lovers before that are now nothing but memories.

Like every movie that needs to end after two hours.
Like every job that needs to end after eight hours.
Like every teenager needs to end after they reach twenty.
Like every 60 year old man needs to be a senior citizen.
Nothing but endings.

And it all boils down to how will my life be after three weeks?
How will my everyday be after three weeks?
How will my lunch breaks be after three weeks?
How will my mouth be after three weeks?

It doesn’t matter now how the story unfold itself. From that cliche idea of how the son of Punta Verde Governor fell in love with an ordinary lady who knows how to cook in Palayok. From how Claudia turned to Greta. From how Yna turned to be Maria Amor. From David who was suffering from cancer did not die of cancer cells.From how Amor blamed Yna for it and happens to be her lost child. From Eduardo who until now believes that Angelo is his child with Claudia. From how most who watched Pangako Sa’yo rant for KathNiel failing to give justice to how it was originally portrayed by EchoTin. From after eight months of airing it needs to end in how it should end. From how it all started to how it would end- cliche,nothing but a happy ending.

Closing Time.
Remember,when the lights were off
And the curtains were close,
Remember they were once there.

-Facebook post by April D. (A KathNiel fan)

This girl is one of my childhood friends. She is a fan of Kathniel, a young celebrity love-team in our country whose popularity is absolutely undeniable. A ‘fan’ is an understatement to her. She might want me to say, ‘She is a super-duper-mega fan of Kathniel.’
Kathniel is currently one of the main casts of the teleserye ‘Pangako Sa’Yo’, which is about to end in three weeks. Yna and Angelo will finally have their happy-ever-after kind of ending.
Yna and Angelo will be happily in-love in the end but not this friend of mine. She’s in pain. This ending will affect her day-to-day living. This is breaking her heart.
Do you know that feeling when you’re reading a good book and is about to end in three pages? Yeah, I know that, too. The same way how she feels for this soon-to-end
teleserye, and Kathniel.
She is single, by the way. Kathniel is her source of kilig. The only thing that makes her hope for love, believe in love, fantasize love. That feeling, when the only thing that makes you smile and hope for love, that makes you believe there is true love is about to end, that is just so heartbreaking and saddening!

I’m sharing this because I just love the way she expresses her love for the characters and the persons behind it. I mean, she is not like those other fan girls/boys who just randomly post on social media sites about being a fan of such celebrity. She even made a free verse poem out of it. What a way, right? That’s how you do fan-girling!

P.S. The moment I am writing this P.S. is the exact moment I realized that the poem has a Tagalog title and the content is written in English. 😀

P.P.S. Lol. SentiSabado is part of PSA‘s Blogging prompt. I hope this is “Senti” enough. HAHAHA


Unusual Moment

Two days ago, my brother got a dog. A lost dog. He said that the dog followed him on his way home. No worries! In fact, we are willing to take care of it.
The guard inside the subdivision was given, as requested by my mother, a notice that if ever someone looked for a little brown dog, we temporarily adopted it, that it is under our custody. (custody talaga haha)
I named it Timber.

The day after Timber’s adoption, my mother got a cat.
She saw it under a tree ‘meowing’ non-stop. So, she picked it up and brought it home.
She named it ‘Sofi’, from the name Escuela de Sophia, a school nearby where she found the cat.

So, we already have two adopted pets – Timber and Sofi. They love pets, anyway. I am just the only person in the family who is not into pets. Especially dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate dogs. It is just that dogs and I have a bad past and I can’t move on. LOL.

Alright, kidding aside.
These two newly adopted pets have an innate hatred to each other. Well, they are said to be rivals.
Timber keeps on barking at Sofi. The cat is scaring the dog. The dog is scaring the cat. Who’s scaring who?
After hours of hating and barking and meowing, they found peace, finally.

Just today, I am surprised to see these two cuddling. It made me smile. I am so amused of the scene so, I quickly took a picture of them while they were at the moment of cuddling.


They must have accepted their differences, that they’ll be living in the same house. Maybe, they thought ”We’ll see each others faces every day, we’ll eat together three times a day, we’ll take a bath together twice or thrice a week, so why hate? Friends? Friends. *pawsbump*” 





The box that has the memories of you and me, now empty.


“Captu[r]esday” is part of our group’s blogging prompt. Every Tuesday, there will be a theme for our Capturesday. Today, it is all about ’emptiness’.
So, there you go.

CAPTURE + [] + TUESDAY = Captu[r]esday! 😀

If you want to know more about our group, kindly click this link, Philippine Single Association.

Magpapa-check-up ka ba……………ng puso?
Ito ang i-click mo, The Love Clinic.



To The Guy I Met That [Awkward] Night


Remember that night when you parked your motorcycle in front of my Tita’s house and I stood beside the opened gate yelling something to my cousin? I looked at you for …. hmm.. a second before I turned my back and went inside the house.

Then, after few minutes we were already standing there, face-to-face, held each others hand for a handshake. The typical introduction, “*insert name here*, this is *insert name here*; *insert name here*, this is *insert name here*.”

That night was awkward for me and ….. just really awkward. 😀

Being introduced to someone who is a complete stranger makes me uncomfortable. That’s why I immediately excused myself after that ‘handshake’.

That night, I was on my haggardo versoza state: just-finished-cleaning-the-floor-and-about-to-wash-the-dishes-no-ligo look, which made me moooooooore uncomfortable. My goodness! My Tita didn’t even bother to give me a prior notice. Ugh.

That night, prior to the ‘introduction and handshake’ part, I was busy removing the clog from the sink when my Tita, who was outside and was chitchatting with her neighbor-friend, called me. I told her to wait for a moment.

“Gotcha!” I already removed the clog with my bare hands.

CLOG CONTENT: some grains of rice, some minced garlic and onions, and some unknown clog species, which are quite slimy. Err!

I hurriedly went out, my hands were still slimy and dirty and dripping wet, to know why she was calling out my name.

“There’s someone I want you to meet.” Tita uttered as I walked towards her.

Let’s cut it there and move forward to the part where we need to shake each other’s hand.
I hesitated for a moment when I remembered that my hands were fresh from the sink, a bit slimy, wet, eewy, and all. Haha!

I took your hand, anyway. Sorry about that! 🙂

If you didn’t notice, I used the back hem of my shirt to wipe, somehow, my hands. 🙂

Nice meeting you though, Cap’n. 🙂

P.S. I barely saw your face because you were wearing a cap and we were under the dark. Thus, can’t remember your face. Also, I didn’t get your name because I was too preoccupied of what was happening.



#AskWednesday: #AskLady Edition

Ang #AskWednesday ay nagmula sa lumalagong grupo ng PSA, ito ay  tuwing Miyerkules. Ang mga miyembro ng PSA ay may pagkakataong magtanong ng kahit na anong katanungan sa isa pang miyembro. Ito ay sa loob lamang ng 24 hours.

December 23, 2015, naganap ang #AskLady.

Ito ang mga tanong na binigay nila at syempre sinagot ko. 😀

Marts: Nasan ka na? Haha
Me: Baka nasa puso mo. HAHAHA

Clauie: Where have you been lately? Hinahanap ka ni Marts.
Me:  I’ve been to London to visit the queen.

Rhea: Ano ang impression mo kay Marts? Any message?
Me: Marts, wagas magmahal. 😀
Dear Marts,
Move-on na men! Lol

Rhea: Ano ang impression mo kay Joseph? Any message?
Me: Doc, napakabait na tao.
Dear Doc,
Huwag mo sanang pababayaan ang madlang singles.
Patuloy mo sana kaming suportahan. Salamat, Doc!

Rhea: Message to PSA?
Me: PSA, miss ko na kayo!! Hangad ko ang pagtiwalag ng bawat isa satin. Sa tamang panahon.

Rhea: Message to singles?
Dear Singles,

Wait and wait until you die este succeed. Chos.
Hmmm .. be the best version of yourself. Huwag puro hintay, dapat may ginagawa rin tayo.
May nabasa nga ako, “Be the ‘man’ that you want to spend your life with.’ (for girls)
Wala pa kong nabasa for boys HAHA.

Enjoy the singlehood. Cheers!

Me Like You Do

Rhea: Message to those in a relationship?
Dear those-in-a-relationship,
Tapos, sali kayo sa lumalagong organisasyon namin, ang PSA! Yehey!!

Rhea: If you’ll be the next president of the PSA, why not?
Me: Hahaha.. To be the president of the PSA is an honor (???) and responsibility. So, no.
Rhea: But you are confidently beautiful with a heart.

Rhea: Would you rather be the president of the PSA or 1st lady? Why not? LOL.
Me: I’m not ready for both. There’s no place I’d rather be. No. No. No. No. No place I’d rather be~~~ lol

Rhea: Bakit ka single?
Me: Single ako sa dalawang kadahilanan: 1) iniwan niya ko at 2) by choice (eventually)Aayy may why pa pala.

Clauie: Describe yourself in one word.
Me: confidentlybeautifulwithaheart 😀

Clauie: If your life is a movie, what genre would it be and why?
Me: drama-comedy hahaha ..
Me: Aayy may why pa pala. Hmm .. kasi minsan, pinapaluha ako at minsan, pinapatawa.

Clauie: Why should you be the NEXT PSA PRESIDENT?
Me: I should not be.

Clauie: What is your height?
Me: 5’3, minsan 5’2.

Clauie: Sa tingin mo, kailan ka makakatiwalag sa PSA?
Me: Satingin ko, hindi na. Haha
Hmm.. hindi ko alam eh. Maraming factors and dapat kong ikonsidera.
Clauie: Mabuhay ang bagong PSA President! hahaha
Rhea: Mabuhay!!!

Doctor Eamer: Where is Gentleman? 🙂
Me: Nasa future.

Nurse A: Ano vital stats mo? Hahaha
Me: Omg. Hahaha
        00-26-30 (???) hahaha
Nurse A: 00? Hahaha
Me: ZeroZero Hahaha

Nurse A: Paano magmahal ang isang Lady?
Me: Totoo.

Nurse A: Where do broken hearts go?
Me: Do they find their way home?
Me: Saan nga ba? Sa PSA!!!

AkoSiBabae: What are your plans this Christmas?
Me: Well, celebrate it with my family (as always).. at gumawa ng graham balls.

AkoSiBabae: What movies do you recommend as a must see?
Me: A Walk To Remember, Pee Mak (Thai), Every Child is Special (Indian), My Name Is Love (Thai), 3 Idiots (Indian)…..

AkoSiBabae: Your kind of music?
Me: R&B, Reggae, and Soul are my faves.

Diyan po nagtatapos ang #AskLady pero may isang makulit kaya nagkaroon ng #AskLadyExtended!

#AskLadyExtended Questions:
(All from Marts)

Q: Christmas or New Year?
Me: New Year!!!

Q: RnB, Rap, Jazz, or anong klaseng music genre ang gusto mo?
Me: RnB, Rap, Jazz, yes! Kahit ano naman, depende sa mismong kanta. Personal fave: reggae and soul.

Q: Ilang rice ang kaya mo sa isang meal? Hahaha!
Me: Hmm.. sa Mang Inasal, naka apat na rice ako. Dati yon.
Ngayon, one cup of rice na lang.

Q: Paano ka napadpad sa PSA? At bakit? Haha
Me: Dahil na-curious ako kung ano ba ang PSA na yan. Yon na rin ang mismong qualification. Haha

Q: Would you rather be bald all over or hairy all over? Hahaha. Sorry na 🙂
Me: Bwahahaha.. bald all over na lang.

… At dito na talaga natapos ang #AskLady.

Kung nais niyong sumali sa aming grupo, o magkaroon ng mas malawak na ideya tungkol sa aming organisasyon, pakibisita na lamang ang mga link na ito:

PSA’s Facebook page
The Love Clinic

Maraming salamat! 🙂






If there’s one thing I need to fix,

It would be my life.

Picking up the scattered pieces

And starting all over again.


If there’s one person I need to help,

She would be “me”.

Lending a hand to grab hold

And pulling it up to stand again.


If there’s one shoulder I have to cry on,

It would be mine.

Not minding the wrinkled and wet sleeves,

At the same time, giving a pat on the back.


If there’s one tear I have to wipe,

It would be from my eye.

Swiping it out of the cheeks

And forming the usual curve of the lips.



If there’s one hand I need to hold,

It would be my trembling hand.

Squeezing it hard until it stops from shaking,

Then letting it sway again as natural as it should be.


If there’s one heart I would love,

It would be the cold heart of mine.

Forgetting how hurt it was,

And trying and trying and trying to feel the warmth again.


Sa Likod

Sa likod ng mga kanta

Ay mga istoryang lumipas.

Sa likod ng mga tula

Ay ang damdaming gustong kumawala.

Sa likod ng bawat litrato

Ay mga alaalang nais balikan.

Sa likod,




Tulad ng tahimik na pag-hikbi

Na pinapalitan ng mga ngiti.

Tulad ng masakit na pagbagsak

Na itinatago sa malakas na halakhak.

Tulad ng mapait na katotohan

Na ibinabalot sa matamis na kasinungalingan

Tulad ng karampot na pag-asa

Na pinangingibabawan ng matapang na paglaban at pagtaya.

Sa likod,




Sa likod ng bawat ‘Oo’

Ay ang lihim na pag-iling.

Sa likod ng mahigpit na pagkapit

Ay ang mga palad na nangangawit.

Sa likod ng mga pigil na luha

Ay ang masakit na bara sa lalamunan.

Sa likod ng mainit na pagmamahal

Ay ang pusong pagal.

Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan?

Ang minsang pagreklamo,

Ang dahilan para makalimutan nilang

matagal ka nang nagtitiis.

Ang minsang pagsasalita,

Ang dahilan para mabingi sila

Sa mga pananahimik mo.

Ang minsang pagsuko,

Ang dahilan para hindi nila makita

Ang matapang mong paglaban.

Ang minsang pagdadamot,

Ang dahilan para talikuran

Ang mga panahong nagbigay ka nang buo.

Ang minsang pagpahinga,

Ang dahilan para hindi na nila mapansin

Ang pagod na pagod na katawan mo.

Ang minsang pagkakamali,

Ang dahilan para mabura

Ang mga bagay na nagawa mo nang tama.

Ang minsang makaramdam ng sakit,

Ang dahilan para mamanhid

Ang puso mo sa pagmamahal.

Ang minsang pag-iyak,

Ang dahilan para sabihing mahina ka —

Ang totoo’y matagal mo nang hinaharang ang pagbagsak nito

Para masabi mo sa sarili mong malakas ka

At kakayanin mo pa.

Gaano ba kadalas ang minsan?

Seated On The Same Chair


"..Fingers tapping on the table, discerning every meaning; it tasted like green.."

“..Fingers tapping on the table, discerning every meaning; it tasted like green..”

I chose a chair,
Old, brown, nearly brittle,
Etched edges, faded varnish.
I made my self comfortable; I stayed.

I stayed for I was waiting.
I waited while I busied myself.
Writing, scribbling,
Idling, daydreaming.

Daydreaming about love.
Rainbow, flowers,
Garden, small bridges, gazebo.
Floating clouds popped off as you appeared.

Appeared in front of my wondering eyes.
You pulled a seat before me.
Hi, Hello,
Greetings all over.

All over your face,
The smile that melted the inside of me.
Time stopped, surroundings faded
Giddy feeling, unfamiliar heartbeat.

Heartbeat pounded deeper and faster
As you uttered your confessions of affection
Glazing eyes, my lips curved awkwardly
Warm cheeks, blushing red.

Blushing red, flaming red,
Red like blood; color of love.
Then, as I paved my way to happiness
Its brightness gradually vanished away.

Vanished away in an instant,
As if it never happened.
Eyes moistened, hands formed into fist,
Felt the lump in my throat, I calmed my nerves.

Nerves were hit off-guard by the words escaped from your mouth.
There was silence.
Fingers tapping on the table,
Discerning every meaning; it tasted like green.

Green, gloaming green;
Color of bitterness.
I had my eyes on you as you walked out,
As you made your farewell.

Farewell that you only knew.
You never gave me time to contest.
Unanswered questions, weak smile,
Groping for words, crying inside.

Inside my favorite place,
Where I met silence and tranquility,
I found myself..
Seated on the same chair.